Do we really need one more blog about the royal wedding?

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Yes, apparently we do, because here it is. I’ve heard people weighing in all week on whether they plan to watch the royal wedding. I remember the excitement 30 years ago surrounding the wedding buzz of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. My personal take on the new couple was that finally the seemingly stodgy and standoffish royal family would get an infusion of new blood. Diana was lovely, kind, fresh, new, exactly what the royals needed to make them relevent to the world. Despite all her personal angst, Diana’s freshness and humanitarian work brought respect and purpose to the somewhat useless position of royal.

But there was  price. The scandals and posturing that colored Diana’s life story have soured many about the purpose and necessity of the royals. Over the years I’ve seen what the elitist royal class does to its princesses, and I’ve become jaded, no longer believing in happily ever after for the royal fairy tales. Now, at a time when the global economy is bad and many people can’t afford the necessities of life, a showy $18 million wedding just seems wrong.

Thirty years later, I just don’t feel the same excitement about watching privileged rich people show off their opulence in the name of a wedding. I do wish Kate and William well, and hope that their romance turns out better than other royal marriages did. I probably will tune in to see Kate’s dress, and look at pictures online, but otherwise, I’ll leave the watching to those who still believe in princesses.  Meanwhile, I think the royal family needs to take a hard look at the world around them, and find a purpose other than providing gossip fodder, if they want to have relevance in the 21st century.

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