Trouble? Who, me?


Sigh. I don’t get into trouble. Not really. I’m one of those bland, boring,well-behaved people. Too much Catholic school I guess. All that Catholic guilt kept me on the straight and narrow. So what’s so bad about not getting into trouble? No good stories. No stories that end with “…and then the police came and we ran for our lives…” or “…I can never go to Nantucket again” or “…it was the last time we saw Old Joe…”

I could make something up – a good story about how when I was in high school my friends and I “borrowed” a car, skipped school, took a road trip, ended up in the upper peninsula two days later without any panties. But it would be a big lie. I haven’t even been in enough trouble to come up with a really good story anyway.

The downside of staying out of trouble? My kids think I’m boring – such a bland, uneventful life. The upside – I’ve never been turned down for a job because of pesky previous convictions. So I guess staying out of trouble can be a good thing.

(The assignment: What’s the most trouble you’ve gotten into?)

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