Bounty For All

aafad 245/365 too late ...

Why should football players have all the fun? Sure, they’re highly paid professionals, who’ve worked hard to get where they are today, yet still like to have a little “fun” in the process. But don’t you deserve to have “fun” too? After all, you’re a professional, accomplished business person. Probably not as highly paid as those NFL guys, but that’s about to change. Because now there’s Bounty Office.

Bounty Office lets you join in the same kind of good-natured workplace “fun” that NFL players enjoy every day. Bounty Office increases workplace productivity and office camaraderie by motivating workers to stay competitive and edgy in the workplace. Using financial incentives and other means, Bounty Office keeps workers sharp, not just from 9-5, but in the parking lot too. And on the way out to their cars. And in the restroom.

Best of all, you can start Bounty Office today at no cost to your company. Bounty Office is  an employee-financed incentive program. Once you form your Bounty Office “team,” coworkers buy-in to the incentive program, then start reaping the benefits. Bounty Office provides software to help you manage funds, track rewards, and plan future incentive programs.

Choose the level of Bounty Office that’s right for you. Small offices or those with older workers may want to start with Bounty Light. Bounty Light rewards workers for such things as cutting someone off at the copy machine, pushing past others at the time clock, and being first out of the parking lot at the end of the work day. Not enough challenge? Then try Bounty Goals. With Bounty Goals, your employees will work hard to “beat” out others for promotions, “battle” over vacant office space, and “throw down” for the last cup of coffee. Still not enough of a challenge? Then try Bounty Pro*. Bounty Pro challenges workers to bring their physicality and full-court press to each work day. Yes, once you sign up for Bounty Pro, you get to use words like physicality at the office every day, just like those other pros. With Bounty Pro, your workers will be watching their backs, and their rewards, 24/7. Workers will stay  alert, focused and on their toes with Bounty Pro.

Don’t be left out. Choose your participation level, then sign up for Bounty Office today.

*Offices using Bounty Pro are required to provide proof of full employee health insurance benefits at sign up.

(Disclaimer: This is a satire piece. Huffygirl does not mean to suggest that such bounty programs actually exist, because that would be wrong. Horribly wrong.)

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