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For the past week or so, WordPress bloggers have been puzzled by the strange and unexplained absence of WP staff and support. WP bloggers first noticed the absence of WP staffers when the WP home page, Freshly Pressed, remained unchanged for over a week. Bloggers became  abuzz on WP forums until someone noticed an unobtrusive message on the support page:

Support is closed while the company meets up and works together for the next week. We will be back on October 29th.”

Hmm. All right it’s already been more than a week, and October 29 will make it another week. What’s really happening at WordPress? The only logical explanation is:  aliens. Yup. WP has been taken over by aliens. It makes sense. If WP staffers were really at some kind of working retreat, they would have posted an announcement on the home page, something logical like:

 “We are on a working retreat and will return on October 29. In the meantime, fend for yourselves, bloggers. If you need support, forget about it. Problems with your dashboard – deal with it. We’ll be back refreshed and ready to help you on October 29. In the meantime, grow up.”

You know, something like that. Instead – nothing. The aliens swooped in, took over, and are still figuring out the programs and how to assimilate themselves into the WP staffers bodies. So no fake announcements, no business as usual, no support. They’re feigning busyness until they get the hang of things, then will surreptitiously take over. No doubt WP bloggers will not even notice the transition. Even know, the aliens may be brainwashing us through our dashboards, trying to assimilate us too. But hey, that’s silly, that could never &&%%$# ***^%$#&&   ))(*&&%$### 

Huffygirl is meeting up with other WP bloggers for a working retreat and will be back soon.

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