The long winter of 2014: A snowman’s perspective

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Marsupial invasion

I found this critter stopping by to help himself to a peanut butter-bird seed mix I had put out for the birds. I don’t like to encourage wild animals to get that cozy in our yard, so I won’t be putting out peanut butter again. In the meantime, he had a great meal and wasn’t just playing possum.

IMG_4353,, © Huffygirl 2014© Huffygirl 2014

Snow day 2014

Three days of record cold temperature, deep fluffy snow and blustery winds earned me a snow day. With temperatures at -14 degrees Fahrenheit, I didn’t want to venture out farther than my own back yard to get a few snowy photos. The backyard birds, in a frenzy to get food to help them stay warm against the bitter cold, proved to be engaging subjects. Best husband, home after knee surgery,  snapped the Dark-eyed Junco when I left for the gym, with instructions to “get photos of birds eating on the ledge.” Great shot BH!

© Huffygirl 2014

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Hello kitty!

Kitty,, © Huffygirl 2013

I only had a few seconds to snap this photo. The black and white kitty who hangs out under my bird feeder hoping for a meal, decided to spend a few seconds peering  into my world. Maybe she was cold or just wanted to see who puts out the food for all those birds she wants to eat. In any case, I took the photo-op. I may try some of my photo editing software on this one, and share the changes later.  And I sure wish the window had been cleaner that day.

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