Huffygirl’s Blog moving to Canada!

Today, Huffygirl, author of Huffygirl’s Blog, announced that Huffygirl’s Blog is moving to Canada. “While some might suppose that Huffygirl’s Blog is moving to Canada purely to take advantage of tax reductions, that is not the case” announced Huffygirl today on her blog. “Canada is a lovely county which is clearly underrepresented in the blogging world. By moving my blog to Canada, while maintaining my US presence as well, Canadians will have greater representation, and therefore, greater power in the blogging community.”

Some critics have suggested that Huffygirl’s Blog may become changed, and less American with this move to Canada. To these critics, Huffygirl replies “I don’t know what that is aboot. Huffygirl’s Blog will retain its American flavor despite its new Canadian location, and remain exactly the same, eh.”

Β© Huffygirl 2014

23 thoughts on “Huffygirl’s Blog moving to Canada!

      • It’s probably not necessary to look at them all the time, but it helps with satire so you know where the story is coming from. As a hint, anytime you read anything on my blog that seems implausible or unreal, it is usually something I’ve satirized that has been in the recent news, such as Burger King’s announcement of moving their business to Canada for tax advantages.

  1. *shock* Migod, HG, no wonder you have been saving Canadian coins. I hafta tell you a toonie doesn’t buy as much as it did a year ago, eh? 😦 However, blog costs aren’t that much, and the HG Blog is a conservative one (sometimes). Watch out about using the words conservative and liberal too loosely here, since they are actually the names of two of the three main parties.

    Also, my BH moved here from Minnesota and was horribly disappointed in a few things. One of them was that his lifelong love of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was forever crushed when he found out that the Mounties could be just as corrupt as any other police force in the world. And (don’t breathe a word of this to anyone else) they don’t always get their man (or woman).

    Still the air is clean in the rural areas and the sky is pretty blue and the highways are relatively clean and Canadians are still pretty polite. BH loves it here and is glad he came, but a few of his cherished dreams have disintegrated one by one into disillusionment. Canada is NOT heaven, but I have to say Medicare rocks!!*

    (Both BH and I had surgery done this month. If we didn’t have Medicare, we would have had to pay for it, and we would be a LOT broker than we are. But then I doubt that the HG Blog will have many medical expenses that will require taking advantage of our [mostly] free healthcare.)

    Sandra Bell Kirchman
    Canadian Blogger
    and user of Canadian Medicare

    P.S. I will talk to my connections in Canada to see if we can make you an honourary Canadian. πŸ˜€

    • Sandra, so good to see your words. I was hoping you would weigh in for the Canadian response. I will be careful of my use of liberal and conservative, now that I’m also a Canadian blogger, eh, and request the honor of consulting with on all things Canadian. Except for the coins, and maple syrup, on which I have been a self-proclaimed expert, or at least hope I am after blogging about them.

      And honorary (or honourary as I now must spell it) citizenship would be a grand delight and an honour.

    • Yes, that is a very important part of the move to Canada, besides the tax breaks. Of course, none of that is the real reason I’m moving though πŸ™‚ It’s all for the honor, er honour of Canada.

    • Oh, my, being Canadian is going to be harder than I thought. After living so close to them all these years, I thought I knew enough, but now, I’m not sure. Thanks for subscribing. Now I am wondering if there is a similar site for Texas I really don’t know much about your state and want to be sure I’m understanding everything πŸ™‚

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