GM to recall all vehicles ever made

In a surprising move, Mary Barra, CEO of GM announced a massive vehicle recall. “In an effort to provide a safe driving experience for our customers and restore confidence in our brand,  we have decided to issue a recall of all our vehicles. ” Barra explained: “While there is no particular safety concern with all of the models that have not been previously recalled, in the interest of restoring confidence, we have decided to just take them all back. If you are driving a GM car, just bring it in.” Details were sketchy on how customer’s would be compensated for their returned vehicles, but GM officials offered no further explanation on the matter.

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8 thoughts on “GM to recall all vehicles ever made

  1. I’m guessing they intend to replace the faulty bit and give the car back.. But whether they give it back to the right customer will be interesting – sounds like a logistics nightmare.

  2. We have been involved in this recall business. My daughter loved it because they kept her old car for about a month and she got to drive this nice new one, that is until they recalled the new one. Thank God her old one was done.

  3. This was a joke, right? I mean, we missed a lot of U.S. news while we were gone, and sometimes the news is so crazy, that this is almost believable.

    • It is a joke, a satire I wrote in response to their slew of recent recalls. However, I think many readers took it as real news, because GM has been recalling thousands of cars.

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