Snow business

Our recent snowy weather, below zero temperatures and bright sunshine have made for some great photos. Here’s a sampling.

© Huffygirl 2014

6 thoughts on “Snow business

  1. That’s a lot of snow, Donna. The snowy squirrel is so cute. When I saw your title, it started a song singing in my head, and it now won’t go away. “There snow business like show business, there snow business like show….. ” 😆

    • Well, I’m glad I got the song going for you, because that certainly was what I was thinking of with that title. I could have put out numerous photos of the birds and wildlife in our deep snow, but I think there is only so many times that readers want to see the cardinals in my yard 🙂 We currently have about 26-27 inches of snow, but I couldn’t get out into the deepest part to measure it without wading through the deep snow.

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