Snow day 2014

Three days of record cold temperature, deep fluffy snow and blustery winds earned me a snow day. With temperatures at -14 degrees Fahrenheit, I didn’t want to venture out farther than my own back yard to get a few snowy photos. The backyard birds, in a frenzy to get food to help them stay warm against the bitter cold, proved to be engaging subjects. Best husband, home after knee surgery,  snapped the Dark-eyed Junco when I left for the gym, with instructions to “get photos of birds eating on the ledge.” Great shot BH!

© Huffygirl 2014

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12 thoughts on “Snow day 2014

    • Thanks. He is doing well so far, but he hasn’t had to bend it much yet. Be careful what you wish for Suzanne – we could be sending some of this cold weather your way. Right now, even the southern US is in single digits.

  1. Great shots of the birds, all fluffed out to retain the heat.

    Btw – “best husband” – does this mean the best of all the husbands you’ve had…or the best husband that anyone has (which I challenge lol)? Just wondering.

    Cold, cold, go away – global warming’s here to stay.
    If for that we have to pay – Brr thpft is what I say.


    • Glad you asked Sandra, as it is a burning question. Best husband is the best of all the husbands I’ve had, but I’ve only had one so far. I hope the count stays at one, as I really don’t want to have to get used to another one after all these years. I’ve had other people ask if there was a “worst husband” and I say “yes, but he belongs to someone else, not me.’

      Love your ode to global warming – maybe you should turn it into something more on your blog.

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