Snow bird

IMG_4276 cropped,, © Huffygirl 2014What could be prettier than a fat red cardinal against a back drop of fluffy white snow? I just hope Mr. Cardinal shows up later today when we get another eight inches of the pretty white stuff.

IMG_4281 crop 2,, © Huffygirl 2014

© Huffygirl 2014


10 thoughts on “Snow bird

    • I hope so too. Every time I see how much I am spending on bird seed, I think of cutting back. But then I see all my sweet birds out there and relent. I especially hate to see the cardinals come looking for food and not finding any.

    • Thanks. Won’t be easy for the next couple days – wind chills expected below zero and we have a foot of snow now – and more on the way! But, we’re experienced Michiganders so we’ll be all right.

  1. Bah, humbug! Snow is just the ghost of Christmas past. Shoveling snow whilst chained to your shovel (or snowblower) is penance for admiring snow in other lifetimes.

    ^ *cranky from trying to walk in the nasty white stuff and slipping all over the place*

    • Sounds like you are ready for a warm weather vacation Sandra, or at least for someone else to do the shoveling. Our 70+year old neighbor lady finally gave it up for the first time since we’ve known her, and hired someone to clear her snow this year.

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