I’m sick of the right to bare arms

It’s the holiday season, so I thought it would be nice to have a new dress for Christmas and other holiday occasions. Fast forward several shopping hours later to find me frustrated, with about two suitable dresses from which to choose. Buying a nice dress should be easy right? This time of year every store, catalog and online shop have a plethora of dresses, with great prices and free shipping. The problem? The majority of the dressy dress choices are sleeveless. Sleeveless. For winter wear. When over half the country is covered in cold, wintry weather, and the warm locales are shivering in their air conditioning. Who started this nonsense? Of course, I blame Michelle Obama.

Media folks began noticing Mrs. Obama’s arms during the presidential campaign, but really took off following them after her husband, what’s his name, became

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.

president. Forget about important issues like healthcare, unemployment, and terrorism – what kind of sleeveless dress is Michelle wearing today that shows off her extremely toned arms?  Fashion and fashion icons followed in kind, and now we see just about everyone prominent in the media wearing sleeveless. Morning talk show hosts, the Weather Channel people, even local news folks sometimes, and of course, that annoying combo of Kathie Lee and Hoda. Granted, many of these sleeveless folks have lovely arms, almost as nice as Michelle’s. But, hey, it’s winter. I spend about 80% of my life being too cold, even in pleasant weather, and I’m not going to deliberately worsen this by wearing sleeveless dresses in winter. It’s time for we goose-bumpled women to speak up to the fashion industry. We want sleeves! No more sleeveless-only choices. Speak up America.

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17 thoughts on “I’m sick of the right to bare arms

  1. Agree! And I don’t like shawls that keep slipping off. I recently attended a black tie/business event w/ husband and I wore a skirt, top and jacket. I looked dowdy compared to all the women in sleeveless, backless, low cut dresses- both long and short. But I wasn’t cold.

    • Yes! And we’re not ready to look dowdy. I always feel dowdy because I’m always bundled up. Even if I find a nice dress with sleeves, I end up wearing a sweater or jacket too, and am still cold.

  2. People used to be able to sew dresses for themselves or get a suitable dress-maker to do the job. These days everything has to be mass manufactured!
    My mum used to do a lot of sewing. To be honest, I never touched a sewing machine in my whole life. And for sure I could not afford a dress-maker either.
    Recently I did not get around to buying any dresses. This is why I haven’t noticed yet that only sleeveless is available. For ‘dressy dresses’ I would definitely not choose sleeveless because my arms are much too fat at the top!
    I envy Michelle. She’s got the perfect figure! 🙂

    • You and almost everyone else Sylvia. Even when my arms are looking pretty good, I too still prefer sleeves. I tore my rotator cuff trying to beef up my arms into Michelle Obama’s.

      • Ouch. Frozen shoulder is one of the most difficult shoulder ailments to treat. Just goes to show, not everyone can have Michelle’s arms. Of course, I think she has more time to work on them since she’s freed from many of the day to day time consuming activities such as picking up drycleaning and carpooling. She has people to do that for her.

      • Exactly. I don’t think she has to do any of the ordinary daily work at all. And her work in that garden is largely symbolic I expect. After all, does the first lady really spend hours in the dirt weeding when she has the important job of representing the country AND showing off those arms?

  3. I wish today’s designers were inspired by the beautiful dresses and suits in the 40’s, 50’s, & 60’s. Everything from dress designs to beautiful tailored suits, blouses and slacks were creative and feminine.
    It’s true that it is difficult to find dresses and tops that have sleeves. It’s just plain boring.

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