Create your own shutdown

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films

“Shut them ALL down. Hurry!” C-3PO, Star Wars

Why should the US congresspersons have all the fun? Now, you too can avoid responsibilities under the guise of budget constraints and create your own shutdown. Follow these easy steps.

1. Decide what you want to shut down – your home, office, after school activities, or, choose the C-3PO method and shut them all down.

2. Inform your family, coworkers, and others who might be affected, that due to budget constraints, you are obliged to shut down (insert selected area here) beginning at midnight on (insert start date – the sooner the better.)

3. Prior to your shut down date, decide what things you want to shut down and what things will remain open. For instance, if you are having a home shutdown, you might elect to shut down the kitchen, but allow take out food to continue. Or perhaps shut down the laundry room, but allow send-out laundry. Or shut down your office, except allow payroll to continue. You see where this is going.

4. Begin your shutdown. If anyone complains, remind them that you have bravely chosen shutdown to prevent unappropriated spending and to save money for (insert name of shut down entity here.)

5. Continue your shutdown for as long as you like. There really is no reason to stop, unless perhaps, if boredom occurs from doing nothing. But so far our legislators have not encountered this, so why should you?

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23 thoughts on “Create your own shutdown

  1. Honestly… about the political situation… I know I’m voicing an unpopular opinion, but I’ve seen the news and Obamacare only means more paperwork and more confusion. It makes me sick.
    You know what would have been REALLY funny? President Obama with Vice President Ryan. It could happen you know. If the presidential elections had been closer (read: undecided,) then the decisions for President would have gone to the Senate and Vice President to the House. And we all know (or SHOULD know *scowls at the ingrates who don’t even pay attention to this sort of thing*) which part of Congress is controlled by Republicans and which is controlled by Democrats. Can you IMAGINE the fur flying?! *evil grin*
    Oh, never mind, it’s flying now… X-P Though I really wish it wouldn’t. Still, it’s HILARIOUS when politicians annoy each other, as long as they keep it contained to private life.
    Yes. I have unofficially turned to the Dark Side… well, not quite, but I’m enjoying the guilty pleasures, all right. 😛

    • I don’t know all the ins and outs of Obama care, but I do know this: It has been enacted into law, funded, and declared constitutional. From there I think legislators should move forward and change the parts they think are problematic, instead of making showmanship moves like periodically (24 times I believe) voting it down, a symbolic, empty gesture that infuriates citizens and does nothing productive. Attaching this vote to important government funding, causing the shutdown of some of the few productive parts of the government, such as the national parks, makes it even more ludicrous.

      • Eventually they will modify it until it’s another huge, nonsensical piece of… *ahem* 😛
        But anyway, I agree that it was pretty much useless to try and stop it, due to the current political situation. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be quixotic, does it? It’s better to choose the lesser of two evils, I guess, when fighting a battle like this you have to know when to stop and then come back on another place.
        On a side note, I think it’s pretty clear that I am not necessarily a fan of Obama’s politics. There are some things that I agree with (such as the fact that neither of us approve of destroying planets! 😛 *see the petition to build a Death Star* :-P), but there are also things that I believe are wrong. And then I also sometimes cynically take amusement at the ridiculous things that people in the government do, just like my namesake. 😛

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In general, I stay away from politics and sharing my political views on my blog, but this nonsense of the shutdown and stubborn posturing per our lawmakers was too much to pass up. And as we both enjoy satire and cynicism, this was a perfect debate for us.

      • Same here. In fact, I don’t really subscribe to a given political party; I suppose that at the next congressional election I’ll register as Independent. 😉
        And also, I get the feeling that it was getting milked for all it was worth, by both sides. ;-P Democracy. Mwhahahahahaha… ahem. X-P
        Attack of the randomly awesome political theorists, more like it. X-P I loved my American Govt. and History classes…. 😀

  2. And whatever you shut down, make sure it hurts other people more than it hurts you. While you’re at it, insist on cutting things from your new budget that will really hurt other people. (Yes, I’m furious.)

  3. I say spring the shutdown on them by surprise. Long as you have night-vision goggles. Watching people try to find their way out of an unfamiliar space is ALWAYS fun! 😀
    Hmm – maybe that’s what we need to do. Blackout the capitol. Maybe they’ll work together to find necessary functions? 😉

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