12 thoughts on “Sandscapes: One shell, one bug

    • I must say, I’ve never thought to count their spots Gilly. From what I can see on the photo, there are 11 on the body and 2 on the head. We have more than one kind of Ladybug here and the number of spots vary. We also have illegal alien, er imported Asian Ladybugs, which are the ones that try to take over people’s homes in the winter here. Here’s a link to everything one might want to know about Ladybugs. http://www.backyardwildlifehabitat.info/ladybugs.htm

  1. Think of all the captions you could think up for this. (“Mmmm, who delivered lunch to me?” “Oooh black and red bug. My favorite!” “Wanna come into my house and see my etchings, you little love bug.”) I’d better stop. Cute pic, HG.

    • Thanks Sandra. I could not believe my luck of finding that bright red bug next to the cute shell. To anyone who was wondering, I did not set this photo up – that’s how nature posed it.

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