Angry Bird

Angry bird, ruffled feathers. Mother Robin letting me know that I better now try to get close to her nest.

Angry bird, ruffled feathers. Mother Robin letting me know that I better not try to get any closer to her nest.

This mother Robin has been nesting in our yard the last few weeks. Our grandbaby birds are starting to arrive, but so far she hasn’t let me get close enough to snap a photo.

Happy Father’s Day from this angry bird and Huffygirl’s Blog.

© Huffygirl 2013


19 thoughts on “Angry Bird

  1. Charming. We have a robin couple who are willing to share the yard with our dogs….not sure about us though. This year they built their nest in our utility shed. So now we have to leave the door open until fall. lol That’ll teach hubby not to leave the door open. Actually it’s fun to watch them. Apparently there are three baby birds in the nest. The parents don’t seem upset when hubby goes into the shed. I guess they don’t mind sharing THAT with us. Funnily enough, the dogs are comfortable with this arrangement and don’t go running and barking after them.

  2. I love the way she fluffs herself up to look formidable. And she would still fit in your two hands, wouldn’t she? (Not that holding her would be a good idea – she’s little, but she has a sharp beak!)

    • I love the fluffed up look too – although she was doing it because she was mad at me. I am convinced she’d start pecking at me if I got too close – such a little thing but pretty dangerous. I may never get a glimpse of our grandbirds.

    • It’s funny where they choose to nest. I often think “what were they thinking?” At our gym there is a covered entryway and sparrows were nesting under the roof. Of course it made a mess for people walking under it, so they installed spikes on the rafters to keep the birds from nesting there. But every year, at least one sparrow manages to make a nest in between the spikes and do it anyway.

  3. Strange, there they are nesting in our territory, yet we feel so privileged that they chose to do so. Would be so good if we humans would be so forbearing with all those who ‘step on our toes’.

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