15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Part 2: Signs

  1. No, no, all that sign means is you can’t bring any outside air in with you. So, all you need is an airlock, a deep exhale, and your blood replaced before you go in. Easy! 😉
    Or maybe it’s a warning on a Beijing hotel – that have nothing sturdy enough to carry in the outside air! 😀

    • I think you are onto something about not bringing outside air in. Or, maybe it’s like the movie theater where they have signs saying “no outside food.” You can bring their air in, but not your own air. But, they don’t have any air to bring in, as it says “no outside air.” Either way, I think it’s best not to hang around there too long, because in or out, there is no air there.

  2. Reminds me of some of my friends who’ll say something like, “Open the windows and get some air in here,” to which I reply, “If there wasn’t air in here we’d all be suffocating to death.” To which they reply, well, I better not tell you their replies since this is probably a family blog you have here……………lol

    • You’re right – this is a family blog. Sounds like you have an interesting group of friends who perhaps do not appreciate irony as much as you and I do. 🙂

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