Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

We surprised these birds from their comfy roosts within a rocky outcropping in Ken Caryl Canyon, and managed to snap some action photos with the new camera. Glad they made us look UP. (Is there a bird expert out there who can tell me what kind of birds these are?)

© Huffygirl 2013

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

  1. Well, nuts. I’m always up for a bird ID challenge, but this is too tough. Even my field guides are only for the eastern half of the continent.

    • No one else has taken up the challenge, so I’m counting on you. It could be they are just pretty ordinary birds that one could find anywhere. My daughter-in-law, a Denver native, didn’t know what they were, but I don’t think she particularly follows birds anyway. They seemed to be roosting the the crags of the rock, so they might be some kind of bird that nests in rocky heights.

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