Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

palindromic odometer, https://huffygirl.wordpress.com, © Huffygirl 2013With all the driving I do in my poor overworked little car, nothing changes faster than this odometer. Fortunately, I caught this palindromic reading as soon as I started the car today. Knowing I would never have this chance again, I decided wherever I was going could wait, and  ran back into the house for my camera.

© Huffygirl 2013


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

    • Yes I did Gilly. A good portion of them were driving 200 miles a week to grad school for 3 years. I felt like my car had graduated too by the time I was done.

    • Thanks Sid. I hope you catch yours when it does the same thing. I guess my life is pretty unexciting, because catching that number on the odometer was probably the high point of the day, maybe even the whole week.

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