My husband is the most popular man on earth

Uncle Sam I Want You - Poster Illustration

I’m a  lucky dog; I’m married to the most popular man on earth. And how do I know he is? Because, everyone is after him right now. He gets fistfuls of personal mail daily. Multiple phone calls from strangers. People stopping by the house, leaving notes on the door that say “Sorry I missed you” and “I’ll be back soon.” So “why is everyone after your husband Huffygirl?” you might ask. Unfortunately, not because he is so good-looking, smart, or cool, although he is all of those things (well maybe not so much cool…). No, it’s because he is turning 65 soon.

Yes, hard for both of us to believe, but my husband is about to become eligible for Medicare. And every company that sells any kind of Medicare supplemental insurance wants him.  It’s a veritable dog fight to see who will get him first. Right now, he’s as popular as Jack Nicholson on Oscar night.

The mail started trickling in last fall, a good six months before he would be Medicare-eligible. Well-known insurance companies, plus ones we’ve never heard of. Yes, best husband, we want YOU, and here’s why. Then the phone calls started. Night after night. Thanks to that wonderful invention, Caller ID, we can avoid speaking to most of them, but that does not stop the ringing. His phone is ringing like the head cheerleader’s two weeks before prom night. Everyone wants a date with him.

Now, with his birthday looming closer (April 2nd, in case you’d like to send him a card) they’ve stepped up their game. Insurance agents are starting to appear uninvited at our door. They leave perky hang tags on the doorknob with hand-written notes: “Best husband, sooooo sorry I missed you. I’ll talk to you soon about your Medicare options. Can’t wait! XOXOXO” Apparently they think that just because my husband is turning 65 soon, he’s sitting at home during the day with his cane, just waiting for them to drop by.

As April 2 looms closer, I expect they will step up their game. I’m hoping for swag – not coupons for Metamucil, diabetes supplies from Wilford Brimley, or $50 off a Hoveround. No, I’m hoping for serious swag. Restaurant dinners, weekend getaways, wine of the month, vacation trips. Sure, I know there are plenty of 65-year-olds out there to fight over, but hey, mine is special. With all the biking and running we do, Best Husband should be one of the least expensive 65-year-olds out there to insure. Perhaps, they’ll even start paying HIM. After all, he IS the most popular man on earth. At least for now anyway.

Huffygirl with THE most popular man on earth.

Huffygirl with THE most popular man on earth.

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27 thoughts on “My husband is the most popular man on earth

  1. Great post, love the photo! We’re getting ready for biking season. And I thought all the AARP mail that started a few years ago was bad; guess we have something to look forward to yet. Happy Birthday to your husband!

    • Thanks Lisa. I’ll tell him to turn his hearing aid up so he can hear everyone wishing him happy birthday 😉 These insurance agent people are actually a little less aggressive than AARP, if you can believe that.

  2. Aww, that was the cutest rant I’ve heard in a long time. No way does Best Husband look 65 and he positively must have snatched you from the cradle. What a lovely couple you two make! Good luck dodging the vampires…er, I mean, insurance salespeople.

    • Thanks. It does indeed come with a price. And sadly, once he chooses an insurer, they’ll all drop him like a hot potato, and he’ll go back to being one of the little people again.

  3. That doesn’t sound like a good kind of popularity, though pitting insurance companies against each other could be fun. It certainly beats the kind of popularity one gets when a collection agency is after him 🙂

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