Droning on

http://carpetbaggery.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/star-wars-1.jpg Remember that fatal scene early in the movie The Empire Strikes Back? The rebels are hiding on the icy slopes of Hoth, a safe-haven they’ve found for regrouping for their next move against the Empire. All is well. Then, that surveillance drone snaps a photo of their power generators, and they next thing they know Darth Vader is knocking on the door. Darn pesky drone.

Well, now we’ve got our own worries about drones. Maybe it won’t be Darth Vader at the door, but it might not be good. Sure, drones that scan burning buildings for victims, or search remote areas for lost hikers are great, and keep rescue personnel safe. But what about drones that give us traffic tickets, follow our whereabouts and peer through our walls without search warrants? Or drones loaded with bombs or used to transport illegal materials over borders? Drones can be so tiny, or so far away, that we won’t know where they are, or that we are being watched. Even though I don’t plan on doing anything illegal, I’m not sure I want my whereabouts watched by anyone who wants, without my knowledge or permission. And I’d like to think that I’m somewhat safe when out in public and not have to worry that a terrorist is about to land a destructive drone in the town square.

What do you think? Are drones welcomed 21st century technology, or the freedom-robbing big brother of 1984 come to life?

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Darth Vader

Darth Vader (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)

8 thoughts on “Droning on

  1. Sadly when something new like this is created, initially for a good and worthwhile purpose, it ends up being used to hurt others … this would include adding another level of losing our privacy.

  2. I think this is just the beginning, HG. So many things we saw in old science fiction movies or read in sci fi books are already in existence. If someone had told me when I was in grade school that someday I would be able to talk to my grandma, who lived hundreds of miles away, face-to-face through something called Skype on something called a laptop, I would have thought they were teasing. And I do it all the time with my grandkids. But there are always the dark sides of our creations, aren’t there?

    • You are so right Susan. It is disappointing that we don’t have jet packs yet, but as you said, many of the items from futuristic scifi movies are everyday things now. We take Skype for granted, yet it’s essentially the video phone that we thought was so glamorously futuristic.

  3. Interesting topic. I just read a long article about drones in Time magazine and it was very eye opening. I learned about what an important role drones serve in the military to protect us. Now they’re being used in more ordinary and seemingly unlikely situations, such as by real estate agents to take panoramic house photos! I’ll try to keep an open mind with them being used more inventively, as long as, as you said, there’s no invasion of my privacy!

    • Interesting Lisa. I hadn’t known about the panoramic house photos. I find it interesting too, how earlier scifi films predicted technology that is was later invented.

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