Happy Valentine’s Day

Ice hearts, https://huffygirl.wordpress.com, © Huffygirl 2013

Two cold-hearted?

Be mine!

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© Huffygirl 2013


8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

    • Thanks Sandra. I was hoping you would be.

      Unfortunately, ice sculpting is not one of my many talents. This was a photo from the ice sculpting competition I photographed for the previous post, but didn’t use. But with Valentine’s Day here, I couldn’t resist putting it out there.

    • Thanks so much Bella. I never get tired of photographing that bird!

      I was surprised at how they did the ice sculpture. I always thought they just carved it all out of one block, but they don’t. They are each given the same size block of ice and have to plan out carefully so they’ll have enough. They cut off smaller pieces and set them aside to keep cold, that they will use later to add the smaller parts like arms, wings, tails. It’s a lot like one might cut out pieces of fabric for sewing a dress. They carve out the basic shape with chain saws from the big block, then fine tune with smaller sculpting tools and brushes. They make the small pieces like arms and wings last, then use irons to heat a metal plate. They warm the part to be attached with the metal plate, then attach the smaller piece, then pack dry ice around it to help it set. At any time if they knock it over or accidentally break something, they may be out of luck because they only have a certain amount of time to do the sculpture. It really was fascinating to watch.

    • Thanks Sarah, I would too. Although, it wouldn’t last long. At first I thought your blog name was “mean kiddos”, so of course I had to check it out to see what that was about. Thanks for stopping by.

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