Ice Capades

Icy bird,, © Huffygirl 2013

We took the new camera out for a spin at the Intercollegiate Ice Sculpting Competition in Holland, Michigan. Intense teams of ice carvers from various colleges, all sporting matching team jackets, used chain saws, irons, dry ice and a numerous other tools to sculpt amazing ice statues. Take a look.

© Huffygirl 2013


12 thoughts on “Ice Capades

    • Thanks LN. I actually have a lot more photos I could have included. Watching the ice sculpting was fascinating. I always thought they just carved from one block of ice, but they actually spent a lot of time attaching smaller blocks for the detail parts.

    • That is so true HF. After seeing the hard, detailed work the carvers put into their creation, it is quite sad to think that all that beauty just melts away. Yet, they knew when they started ice carving that none of their creations would be lasting, yet choose to do it anyway. It is definitely a craft where the crafter and the viewer must decide to enjoy the sculpture for the moment, because it will be gone soon, either from natural causes, or street vandals. Some of the ones I photographed were actually done the prior day, so in cold weather, they may survive more than 24 hours, provided the vandals don’t get to them. It’s not unlike those sand sculptors in Florida who build amazing sand creations on the beaches, only to have them swept away by wind and water, or smashed by little kids with sand pails.

    • Thanks Lisa. If you ever get a chance to watch one, you should go. I also saw photos of some snow sculptures that were done in Colorado – that looks like a fun one to, but probably standing outside in much colder weather.

  1. Beautiful! But it’s kind of like sidewalk chalk art–I never understand why people who can do such beautiful work don’t want it to last!

    • I don’ either. When I make something that is really beautiful or makes me feel accomplished, I keep going back to look at it, which always seems silly, but yet, I do it. At least the ice lasts a little while – two days in cold weather maybe. The thing that would bother me would be to come back later and see how people have vandalized it. I always see that at the beach with sand castles and think “why do some people purposely ruin things?”

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