Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in pictures

What a year!

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in pictures

  1. Congrats on your first publication. And it’s fun to see how one of the new gallery options turned out. And I love that you included that shot of “my neighborhood” in Chicago!

  2. Okay, that’s it. I TRIED to give your blog a chance, but anyone, ANYONE who refers to the tallest building in Chicago as ANYTHING but “Sears Tower” can NOT be my friend! It WAS Sears Tower, it IS Sears Tower, and it WILL be Sears Tower, I don’t care WHAT name they slap on the outside of the thing! 😉
    Now I suppose you’re gonna tell me the only worthwhile baseball team in the Windy City is from the SOUTH Side. G’wan, say it! :p

    • Whoa John Erickson, stand down. I too am shocked, shocked, that Chicagoans would allow the one and only Sears Tower to be called anything but. But if that’s what it takes to get THE John Erickson to visit my blog, then that’s what I have to do. (BTW, I don’t remember that caption saying anything besides “Chicago river tour”, so the only way you would know that it was previously captioned as the _____ Tower, would be if you had been lurking on my blog on a previous post. Hmmmm.)

      But as far as Chicago Baseball teams go, do you mean to say there is another Chicago team besides the Cubbies? Really, I didn’t know 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by (finally 😉

      • Actually, if you move your cursor over that picture, it is captioned as Willis Tower. So you might want to fix that, before other loyal Chicagoans declare war on you. And there IS no life south of the Congress X-way – except for the museums and McCormack place, for the upcoming auto show.
        By the by, do you get north of the immediately River North area? There used to be a hotel, the Hotel Continental at 505 North … I wanna say Michigan, but I think I’m wrong. They used to have a TON of sci-fi conventions. ‘Bout a mile north of the Wrigley Building/Tribune Tower. If you’re ever in the downtown (just west of the Loop), swing by 225 W. Randolph – I used to work there. The other side of that block, 212 W Washington, used to have an Ameritech Bill Paying Centre on the northeast corner, but that’s a park now. And Rock Records was a block east on Washington, south side of the street.
        AH … memories….. 😀

      • I think I did fix the caption on the tag now – WP seems to have made it harder to find but I think I finally got it. Hopefully I’ll be safe from ardent Chicagoans now.

        Sounds like you need to get back to Chicago and see all your favorite places again John. We usually go once a year for Bike the Drive, stay at the River North Best Western near Hard Rock Cafe. Our favorite place to shop is the Williams Sonoma in the Bloomingdale building, so that is about as far north as we go. I will have to print out your suggestions before we go again this May. If you have any other suggestions for things to see and do, let me know. I may get to do another Chicago photo blog.

        One thing I would like is suggestions for local restaurants in that area. Seems like we can only find chain places, except for Uno and Duo. I’ve been to a lot of great local restaurants up in Wicker Park area, but since our son doesn’t live there anymore we don’t get up that far.

  3. Nice to see the year in photos, but they certainly can’t tell it all! I’m befuddled. I ordered a book on Amazon, and now I can remember if it was the one in which your work was published. Has it actually come out yet? I mean should I have gotten it already? And if I didn’t, could it be that yours wasn’t the book I ordered? Am I making any sense here? Because I want to order the book, but not if I’ve already ordered it. Darn, I hate getting old.

    • Okay Susan, you’re not THAT old. The book is Tangerine Tango and it has been out since November. I think you can check yourAmazon account to see what you’ve ordered. Thanks for being interested in it. You’ve been a loyal blogging buddy!

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