One summer’s day in November

Gusting breezes,  wind-swept sand, dark clouds rolling onto land,

Summer’s sun gives little heat, with winter’s sand beneath one’s feet.

Waves roll in as sunset looms, as winter lowers its darkening boom.

Waves crash in for day’s last light, as summer bids its last goodnight.

© Huffygirl 2012

(Summer returned to Michigan for one day only, when temperatures reached 70 degrees in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, November 11, 2012.)

One summer’s day in November, original poem by Huffygirl, © 2012)


20 thoughts on “One summer’s day in November

  1. I think that grill full of leaves is one of the saddest pictures I’ve seen in a long time! And there’s something mysterious about the stack of bricks and rocks – not so much the things themselves as why they were left like that! (Oh, all right, it was probably just somebody fooling around on the beach a few months ago, but it still looks strange 😉 )

    In case it wasn’t clear – I love this post!

    • Thanks so much Sharon. The pile of bricks and rocks is something a lot of people do at out beaches these days. Some people are building cairns, a pile of man-made rocks to serve as a landmark or monument, or for decorative or artistic purposes. There is also a Buddhist tradition of the stones being symbolic of ones balance in the spiritual world. There aren’t too many Buddhists in Michigan so I suspect the ones we see on our beaches are the former and not the latter.

      Or, it could have been just folks fooling around with stones on the beach! 😉

    • Thanks. The wind was amazing that day – I was trying to catch the spray blowing off the tops of the waves and the sand swirling across the beach. I’m glad we took the time to go to the beach that day.

  2. I’m really loving the poetry with the pictures. I raked leaves today, now that our one tree finally shed, and I couldn’t help think about the long winter ahead. After Christmas, it just seems to drag on forever. Great post, HG!

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