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Finally, a turkey you don’t have to cook. Or defrost. Or dig through a ginormous freezer to find. These turkey cookies are fun to make and easy enough that little ones can help. Last year my then 2 1/2 year-old granddaughter had a great time helping me make them. The only down side? Lately it’s been hard to find the ingredients. You have to buy the candy corn and pumpkin cremes around Halloween, because if you wait until close to Thanksgiving, you’ll only find Christmas candy in the stores. The Brach’s chocolate stars were non-existent this year, and I only found one box of chocolate covered cherries in the whole city, so I couldn’t make a bunch to bring to work like I usually do. You can probably tell how to make these just by looking at them, but just in case, here is the recipe.

Keebler fudge-stripe cookies

Chocolate covered cherries…

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