Charlotte’s Web: Sixty years of some pig!

Charlotte’s Web, the classic children’s story about Wilbur the pig and his spider friend, Charlotte, turned 60 yesterday. I remember reading this book night after night at our kid’s bedtime, making up different voices for all the characters, and all of us crying when (spoiler alert) Charlotte dies. Fortunately, I was able to capture some photos of Charlotte’s descendant for the anniversary. Thanks E.B. White for your poignantly endearing tale.


18 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Web: Sixty years of some pig!

    • Thanks Sharon. I had to experiment with different views to get the web to show up in the photo. When I took the picture straight on you couldn’t even see it. I had to get out the water mister, which Charlotte did not like very much, but condescended to pose for me anyway.

  1. Before the world-wide web, there was Charlotte’s. I can hardly wait to re-read when my granddaughter gets a bit older. Great shots!

    • I don’t know that book Sandra. I’ll have to check it out for my grandkids.

      For me, I never read Charlotte’s Web myself as a child – for some reason I decided it was not a good book. Well it is silly, but isn’t that what children’s books are supposed to be?

  2. Some blogger. It’s funny – a book like that predates me is one I would’ve given credit for being much older. It IS a sad story, and my younger daughter could hardly take the loss of Charlotte. Nice photos, by the way. I’ve tried to capture similar images, with no such luck.

    • Thanks Sid. I remember all of us sobbing when I read the part about Charlotte dying. Never mind that in real life I dispatch spiders all the time.

      This is the first time I’ve caught a decent photo of a spider web. The trick is trying to make it show up. I didn’t even see the web when I first came upon it. My method, although I’m sure there are others, was to mist the web with a spray bottle. Charlotte didn’t like it much and she took off, but came back later and I caught her for the photo.

    • Thanks. I had fun trying to figure out how to make the web show up. I ran across the web while gardening, and I didn’t even see it at first – it just looked like Charlotte was suspended in air.

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