Born to run or not: 5K update

Mission accomplished. Here’s my son Mike and I prior to my injury-free 5 K race. Mike did great – we started together and seconds later I never saw him again. I kept my usual slow pace and managed to complete and remain injury free. But I’m dialing it down for now – no more 5K’s for a while. I’ll stick to my two miles two or three times a week, and behave. Maybe we are born to run, but at least for me, only in short, slow distances.

Kudos to blogger buddy Martin at Thoughts from Finchley who recently dusted off his old cycling jersey and got out on his brand new bike. I expect to see him passing me by any time now.

Meanwhile, cold weather is moving in here, making it almost impossible for a sissy like me to get outside and run or bike. For the next few months I’ll probably be mostly stuck in the gym, getting all tangled up on the treadmill, or slogging through yet another spin class. What do you do to stay active now that the weather is turning colder?

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27 thoughts on “Born to run or not: 5K update

  1. Congrats on the 5K 🙂 Good effort!

    You wouldn’t get me running it but I can certainly walk it as a fast pace and you don’t want to know how long it took on my bike 😉 I’ve tried Gyms and they don’t work for me – too many other people there who seem to be more interested in eyeing each other up than training 😦 All in all, I’m looking forward to some wet days out on the bike or on foot 🙂

    Stay injury free and perhaps have a go at the rowing machine (it was one area where I could really surprise the jocks at the gym – maybe you can too!)

    • Thanks Martin. I think you British folks are more hearty when it comes to doing things outside in the rain than I am. I’ll go out for a run in a light mist on a warm day, but other than that, I’m inside. Today I saw two women running in pouring rain and decided they were better people than me.

      We do have rowing machines at my gym, and even a rowing class. So far I’ve not excelled at it, but who knows what a long winter held hostage at the gym might bring.

      • I guess it maybe rains more over here so we just get on with it. Don’t think it makes anyone a better person though 🙂 Sounds like you have a well organised gym… Hope you’re able to set some personal bests over the winter 🙂

  2. Bravo! Congrats! You’re inspiring me to get back to running. We rode half of the Black Bear Century today (no bears in sight). Very cold but gorgeous scenery, views and fall colors. Probably the last ride of the season unless we get some warmer days.

    • Bravo to you too – 50 miles on a cold day is pretty impressive, even without the bears. I’m hoping to get in at least one more ride here, to bring me up to 1,200 for the season, but so far the weather has not cooperated at all. Glad you got your ride in.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! As for winter exercise, I depend on the treadmill – actually, that’s why we bought it! There are just too many days here when it’s either heatstroke hot and humid, or icy, or raining hard. And back when I was working, there were the six or eight weeks of the year when I left for work before dawn and came home well after sunset. The basement isn’t scenic, but it’s controllable.

    • Thanks Sharon. I too often have the work days where I leave before sunrise and get home after dark. I have my bike on a trainer in the basement, but often find that spin class at the gym is more bearable. A TV in the basement sometimes helps though.

  4. That is awesome! I know what you mean about running more than a couple of miles and the toll it takes. I got up to a 5K this spring, then added in another mile. Oh, my hips ached, and my old IT band injury screamed. And I had to stop. It’s not worth it to do permanent damage. But you did what you set out to do and that is fabulous! My new love is Zumba class. It is SO fun. I forget I am exercising. 🙂

    • Thanks Angelia. I know what you mean about adding that extra mile – I guess we should stick to what works for us, but human nature and our competitive instincts tell us to try for more. Darn that army catch phrase – “be all that you can be…” At your recommendation, I may try Zumba. There are classes at my gym. The trick is being able to get there at the time they have the class.

    • Thanks Gilly. I guess you need the constitution of my sister Linda (see comment) if you want to get your exercise during the winter. Or put a treadmill in the basement like a lot of people do, if you can stand the boredom of exercising in the basement.

  5. Yea,I recently went back to work after the knee replacement and actually got out my walking shoes for real and went two miles.I hope to have an injury free ease in myself.Congrats!

    • Thanks Andrea. I think walking home 1.5 miles is nothing to sneeze at, especially in the heat where you are. Maybe I should be more like you and do something sensible like walking!

  6. I’ve been working on a workable plan (i.e., stalling) to bike partway to my job every day – thinking that I might drive to our River Trail, and bike that the rest of the way. We’ll see how it goes!

    • Well, isn’t stalling how great people finally get things done?

      I admire your ambition to ride to work. By the time I get off my bike I look like the wrath of God – the only way I could work with that crazy helmet hair would be if I worked at the circus. So much easier for guys I think. I once did a triathlon with a guy-friend partner – he stood under the outside shower after the race, ran his fingers through his hair, then changed clothes in front of all of us underneath his towel, and minutes later was fresh and respectable, not looking at all like he had just swam 500 meters and run 5K. Meanwhile I looked a sweaty, wild-haired mess and all I did was the measly little bike leg. So, stop stalling and get your bike out 😉

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