The bride wore lace…

The bride wore lace, the groom wore dreads. Between the convergence of two rushing water falls, the two plead their love and commitment to one another.

No traditional recitation of “love, honor and cherish…” from these two, though their words promised the same, but in promises of the mundane. Their essence was sincere and true: I will love you no matter what; I will let you be yourself; I will let the best parts of you shine though to the least parts of me.

The guests departed with homemade centerpieces in Mason jars, and a warm feeling wrought from a wedding that was all about love and nothing about show.

(All the best to you Aaron and Andrea!)

© Huffygirl 2012


10 thoughts on “The bride wore lace…

    • Thanks. It’s my nephew. I was trying to capture the spirit of the day, more so than who it was and why, although I guess I should give credit to him for the truly unique and inspiring ceremony of love.

  1. Soundsl like a great and inspiring wedding! In our case the bride wore a classical Grecco-Roman style dress and the groom wore a Prince Charlie jacket and Kilt and, most importantly, a good time was had by all 🙂

  2. Lovely photos. Watching couples interact — when love is still shiny and new — always brings a smile to my face.

    “,,, a wedding that was all about love and nothing about show.” <– Great line.

    • Glad I could make you smile. I think that couple will be new and shiny for quite a while – they had a love you don’t often see. Thanks for stopping by, Ray Colon from Ray’s Blog.

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