Bucket List

Earlier in life, I never had a bucket list. In fact, I didn’t even know what a bucket list was until that movie came out. I thought I had all the time in world to do whatever I wanted, and that I’d just take life as it comes. Until lately.

No, don’t worry, I’m not dying. But lately I’ve ventured into some things that I never thought I’d be doing, such as running a 5K race, and biking more than 4,000 miles. So when people ask what possessed me to do such crazy things “at my age” I came up with the pat answer of “it’s on my bucket list.” So naturally,  I had to come up with a few more things, or the bucket list would just be a bucket.

Here’s the list so far. And just to make me look more accomplished, I’ve  added some things I had already done, so I’d  have something to check off.

  • Run a 5 K race √
  • Travel to a European country √
  • Get resting heart rate below 60
  • Start a blog √
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Acquire wonderful grandchildren √
  • Finish my three unfinished novels
  • Read and understand “A Tale of Two Cities”, and not just the Disney version
  • See my name in print on something besides a  jury summons
  • Watch the Cubs win the World Series

Looks like I better get busy since I’ve only got four check marks*  so far, but now thanks to blogger buddy Lisa Winkler of Cyclingrandma.wordpress.com, I can check off one more. Lisa, in a fit of ambition, gumption and doggone determination, corralled and cajoled (actually it didn’t take much cajoling) a gaggle of women bloggers to submit works for a collection of essays on the smatterings of life. Although most of us do not know each other in real life, we’re forever bonded as sister authors in our now published collection of writings, “Tangerine Tango: Women Writers Share Slices of Life.”** So besides checking off “see name in print” I can also check off “use blog for shameless self-promotion” as you can glean all the publication details here or here, and connect with the other authors and their blogs here. All profits from this handy little pocket-sized book will be donated to a charity to fight the neurodegenerative disorder, Huntington’s disease, a cause dear to the heart of one of the authors.

Besides having the glowing feeling of accomplishment to be included with the likes of such distinguished women writers, I can also bask in the knowledge that although I’m now searchable on Amazon, I still do not appear on a Google, search, although about 500 other women with my name do, including one who lives, of all places, in  Hortonville.

(Thanks Lisa, for all your hard work!)

**No tangerines were harmed in the making of this book.

* Yes, I know this is a square root sign and not a check mark, but it’s the closest thing to a  check mark that WordPress has, and I’m not going to post a bucket list without being able to check things off, dammit.

© Huffygirl 2012


30 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Wow Huffs the book looks great, isn’t it a wonderful feeling seeing your name in print? I love your bucket list – except Tale of Two Cities, which just takes me back to junior school having it read to my class aged about ten! It’s off that you are not Googleable, there are pages and pages of me.

    • Thanks Gilly. I will definitely check you out on Google. The funny part is, I didn’t think my name was that common, but turns out there are hundreds of me, or her, I guess.

  2. Great post! Love how you tied it all together.
    I’ve never been a bucket list type either but with age, it does seem like a good idea. Perhaps I have one inside my head. Thanks for your wonderful contributions!

  3. I love to read bucket lists! (Although I’ve yet to make mine.)

    Now reread A Tale of Two Cities to inspire you to complete your three unfinished novels, one of which can involve the Cubs winning the World Series (which will feel almost like the real thing). Write these novels in Hawaii, where you will be so happy and relaxed that your resting heart rate will be 59.

  4. Congratulations, Huffy! How wonderful!

    And you’re making great progress on your Big Goals. I think I like that term better than “bucket list” – which seems to me to have an undertone of “Okay, once you do everything on the list, you should just lie down and let them start shoveling”! I guess a solution to that would be to just keep adding to the list 😉

    Speaking of Goals, I just noticed that you’re two days from your 5k run – hope it’s as wonderful as you could want. 🙂

    And thank you for drawing our attention to the shocking social scandal of tangerine abuse!

    • Thanks Sharon. I can always count on you to make me smile!

      I do plan to keep adding to the Big Goals or Bucket List, or whatever we decide to call it, because, as you say, it will keep us from having to start shoveling.

      Thanks for noticing – the 5K run is only two days away. I can tell because the fall weather gods have suddenly turned angry and are promising to send cold and rain for that day. Sigh. A cold, wet runner is not a happy runner, that is if that runner is me anyway.

  5. Wow, a 5K Run! Good luck and don’t let the rain slow you down. I used to have a list of “Things I Want to do Before I Die” before the bucket term took off, but never had the courage to actually write it down. So, #1 Write down my bucket list and post it on my blog…ouch. You are one Brave Running Woman!

    • Thanks. Barbara had some great ideas that just might work…

      I didn’t know you were not running. In fact, I think it was a triathlon you did around the same time that I was on a triathlon team, that brought us together? Get out there and sign up for a 5K today 🙂 I’ve found the running has made me a stronger biker, such as that is, I guess because it helps me keep my heart rate up longer.

  6. ok, ok. Just don’t have the running buddies I had. I try to do a lot of yoga- Iike the discipline of the classes and think the core strengthening helps with biking. You’re right- did the Danskin tri last year..

    • Well, you don’t have to start running again just because I said so – only if you want to. And after what’s predicted to be a chilly and wet run on Saturday, I may never run again.

    • Thanks Lisa. It was exciting for me to see my name in print finally. Lisa did a great job with the cover and putting it together. Maybe you’ll want to check it out on Amazon or Createspace. There’s a Kindle version too. I just got my copy today and have not read all the other contributions yet, but it looks fun.

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