Global bacon shortage has consumers scrambling

English: Uncooked pork belly bacon strips disp...

English: Uncooked pork belly bacon strips displayed behind glass in Gorman’s Butcher Shop in Pine Island, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A global bacon shortage has egg and bacon loving consumers fearing the loss of this tasty breakfast meat. This past summer’s drought has cut the pork out of the pork industry. Hog producers have decreased the size of their herds, to save money on feed costs, after unusual heat and drought  caused a piggish raise in feed prices. Consumers, not wanting to miss out on this tasty breakfast meat, have bought up current supplies of bacon, contributing to the shortage.

Although, at least for Americans, there may be a silver lining to the bacon crisis, Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius notes. “With two-thirds of Americans tipping the scales at overweight or obese, cutting bacon out of the American diet may just be a lifesaver,” says Sebelius. “Bacon, while adding flavor to our food, adds very little nutritive value, and is about 50% fat. If we cut bacon out of the American diet, over time we could have a lasting impact on our American girth.” Sebelius suggests that a Burger King bacon double cheeseburger might be just as tasty sans bacon, and would save consumers about 100 calories per portion.

While this baconpocalypse may benefit waistlines of hefty bacon consumers, farmers have a different take. With fewer piggies  coming to market and more staying home, farmers may suffer economic losses that may be difficult to recoup. Plus, farmers fear that once Americans stop bringing home the bacon, they may lose their taste for this porky product, and not resume bacon consumption once the shortage ends.

Twitter was abuzz this week with news of the global bacon crisis, although Kevin Bacon, the unofficial spokesperson for the pork industry, remained silent about the crisis.

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14 thoughts on “Global bacon shortage has consumers scrambling

    • Let’s hope not. We need to solve this crisis. More piggies to market I say. BTW, I don’t see anyone complaining about a PORK shortage, just a BACON shortage. Guess we know what everyone’s favorite part of the pig really is.

  1. Can’t they use “porkupines” instead? Seriously, I think that media exaggerate again as they always love to. On the other hand, that “silver lining” part is true. I’m Canadian, but these things are not irrelevant here either. Maybe we should reduce the amount and regularity of eating pork regardless of this “crisis” to do something for ourselves.

    • Great idea JamieS. All of those “porkupines” are probably going to waist, er waste anyway. As far as doing something to help ourselves, you’ve hit the nail on the head, I think. A little personal responsibility would dictate the judicious use of bacon, and not the overuse. Thanks for stopping by.

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