Unfortunately, one year later, this Labor Day ode still rings true in the US today. Sigh.

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Oh labor, oh labor, how valiant you are.

To those hard at work, your day is a star!

You help us birth babies, you build fine tall bridges;

You help us cure scabies, you bulldoze big ridges.

You wipe runny noses, you help us build houses;

You polish our toeses, you catch naughty mouses.

You work day and night, keeping our country safe.

From the helpless, the homeless, to the innocent waif.

You toil in clinics, factories and stations,

You  work day and night across most of our nation.

But many of your people are in a fine pickle,

They want to find labor but prospects are fickle.

Fine, upright people with spunk and ambition,

Are moping around, ’cause their jobs have gone missin’.

Oh labor, oh labor, we need you in a hurry,

Unemployment’s run out and your people are worried.

Oh labor, oh labor, please help us get crackin’,

Help our unemployed…

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