View from the back: The Grand Hotel

A visit to the Grand Hotel would not be complete without a tour of the gardens. After walking through the public parts of the garden that anyone can see from the sidewalk, I took a stroll back into the woods at the garden’s edge and discovered what I had long suspected existed, but had been unable to find before: the secret geranium burial ground, the Grand Hotel private greenhouse.

Reserve geraniums, waiting to be called up to the majors.

After having little success myself keeping potted geraniums thriving for an entire summer, and wondering how the Grand Hotel gardeners managed to keep their geraniums so robust, I finally deduced that they must keep a secret greenhouse  supply of geraniums to replenish the sickly ones throughout the summer. Turns out I was right, although I guess the greenhouse is not all that secret, since I was able to stroll right in.

Grand Hotel carriage, from the back of course.

© Huffygirl 2012

8 thoughts on “View from the back: The Grand Hotel

  1. My husband is the geranium king. He loves them and manages to keep them thriving throughout the summer and well into the fall here. Maybe some of it is our Virginia climate.

      • Maybe I am. My dad had such a gift with them, and I can’t get mine to do anything. I guess I secretly think mine should do well too, since I’m my father’s daughter, but they don’t. Guess I’m resenting successful geranium growers a little bit. But, if only I had my OWN private geranium greenhouse!

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