Either we’ve turned into giants, or we’re at Tiny Town!

No visit to the Denver area would be complete without a stop at Tiny Town.  Since 1915, Tiny Town, a fun village of miniature buildings, has been in existence in one form or another. Over the years, financial ruin, and natural disasters have taken their toll, but Tiny Town has always resurrected itself.

Tiny Town has something for everyone: tiny buildings, some exact scale replicas of actual buildings with intricate details such as furniture, curtains in the windows, and tiny shingles. Others are just for fun – a windmill and a jail big enough for children, and very flexible adults, to get inside. There is a train ride that goes through the whole town, that fortunately is real people size. The caboose is reserved for children only. A modern-day playground waits at the far end of town, for children tired of peering into the windows of the little buildings. And a picturesque brook runs through it all.

I don’t know how they knew I was coming, but they had a building ready just for me!

Just like Camelot, rain is not allowed in Tiny Town. Our visit was cut short when the big cold drops began to fall, as Tiny Town pulled in the sidewalks and shut down early for the day. But that just leaves the rest of it for us to explore on another visit.

A little Tiny Town humor.

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4 thoughts on “Either we’ve turned into giants, or we’re at Tiny Town!

    • It is, very quaint and folksy too. The kids like the train and going inside the little buildings, and the adults like to look at the detail of the construction and ride the train too.

    • It’s fun even without kids. We were going to see if we could pretzel ourselves into the little buildings meant for kids, until they closed down early because of the rain. Next time I guess…

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