Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

“Okay mister, that’s CLOSE enough.”

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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

    • I did, but was still closer than you might think – probably only about 20 feet away. The gators in the Everglades were surprisingly uninterested in the human visitors.

  1. Yikes! Great picture — my heart starting beating fast just thinking about getting out of his way. I hope you were using a zoom lens, as he’s way too close otherwise.

  2. You took this photo? 😮

    With all those programs on Animal Planet, Discovery and National Geographic Channel, and now on your blog, I’m beginning to think that Crocs are actually harmless. 😕

    • Yes, I did take the photo in the Florida Everglades. There was a walking path and a river there – many alligators lay in the grassy river banks and floated along the river. There were people walking on the paths, whom the gators ignored. The gators did not venture onto the paths, and of course, the people (at least when I was there) did not venture off the paths. It was actually quite strange to be that close to gators in the wild, and wonder if they would leave you alone. There was an abundance of birds and other wildlife, so I think the gators found plenty of food without needing to bother the people. But as you know, they are not harmless. I was about 20 feet from this gator when I took the picture.

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