Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

This week’s photo opportunity challenged us to produce a photo with two subjects. This happens to photographers a lot: you take a photo of someone or something, but something interesting shows up in the background. Typically the foreground subject is in focus, and the background subject is fuzzy. Today I attempted to take such a photo with a beautiful pair of white Dicentra I had just bought at the greenhouse. But the plants weren’t cooperating. I tried putting the shorter plant in front of the taller one, then focused on the shorter, so the taller plant would be out of focus in the background. But it just wasn’t working. The two plants just looked like one big plant, and I kept ending up with the side of the house or the barbecue grill as the background  subject. Finally, I came up with this shot, a reverse of what I had originally intended. The flowering branch of the Dicentra in the foreground is out of focus, the new shoots of Panicum virgatum (red switch grass) in the background are in focus.

This is another photo with two subjects that I took a while ago, that I’ve been using lately as the spring header photo for Huffygirl’s Blog. Because they’re so close together, both subjects, the zinnia and the butterfly, are in focus. I’ve tried to capture photos of butterflies since, but have never managed to get a decent shot with the butterfly with wings open, and the flower both in focus.

© Huffygirl 2012

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

    • Thanks Susan. I wasn’t sure it anyone could see it. The photos did not appear in my preview and still aren’t appearing on my computer. When I tried to contact WP support, I discovered they no longer offer support, except for premium (paid) bloggers. Bummer. I don’t remember seeing this announced.

      Now I see they appear on IE, but not Firefox. Hmmm.

      • Yes, I got that too when the photos were not appearing, I could still see them if I clicked on that space. Makes me look kind of stupid to have a photo post that people open up, and no photos there. Sigh.

      • I just checked again, and the butterfly picture is visible, but the flower and grass one is still not. Can’t believe they’re not offering support anymore. I missed that announcement, too.

      • Thanks for checking Susan. I just went in and made them a little smaller, and now they are appearing on my computer. Perhaps it’s a size issue, but again it would be nice to get some help from WP. They used to have such great support. 😦 They did say in the support section that they hope to add support back for everyone in the future. They must have cut back on staff to save money.

  1. Great pics. Thanks for sharing them. I don’t know what else to say, since it’s all more of the same, but this pic certainly tickled my fantasy bone (instead of funny bone, ya know?) Bleh, hate it when I need to explain my jokes).

  2. Your substitute photo is gorgeous. 🙂

    Speaking of taking photographs, if it’s not the subject not cooperating, ithe elements around it are not. Like the wind blowing when you do not want it to. 🙂

    • Thanks Imelda. You are so right about the elements not cooperating. I was actually planning to start with photos of my neighbor’s tulips, but every time I was ready to venture out, it started raining or the light was going bad. Thanks for stopping in.

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