Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

These photos I took at Timoleague Abbey in Ireland are perfect for this week’s theme of “through.” When I approached the abbey from the outside, what impressed me most was how the windows framed the headstones of the graveyard inside the ruin. With many windows and many holes in the ruined walls, Timoleague was a perfect frame for photographing the abbey and the surrounding countryside. If some of these photos look familiar, it’s because I used them previously for the photo theme “windows.”

Dave seen through the frame of Timoleague.

Looking through the window of Timoleague Abbey.

Bay outside of Timoleague Abbey, through a hole in the ruined wall.

My first impression of the abbey: a Celtic Cross viewed through the window from outside.

© Huffygirl 2012

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

    • I guess he does. That is my husband standing in the window – I wanted to take a picture of him in the ruins framed by the window, and it was such a small window that he just filled it right up.

  1. Lovely. Our first bike trip was in Ireland– 1984 on 10 speeds! I complained of the rain but loved riding through flocks of sheep that just rambled over the roads. Road all day and then listened to music in pubs at night. When I returned I learned I was expecting our first child– so thanks for reminding me of a beautiful country.

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