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Has this ever happened to you? You’re at lunch with a group. No one’s talking to you – they’re all too busy looking at their phones: playing games together, texting, updating Facebook. Except you. Why? You don’t have enough friends with idle time on their hands to play phone games and text with. Most of your friends have actual jobs and commitments. They don’t have time to play with their phones all day. But, you feel left out, isolated. Well, no longer. It’s time to stop being left out from phone friend activities. It’s time for Faux Friends.

Faux Friends is a discreet service for those who need more “friends” with whom to interact on their phones. No longer will you feel left out while those around you are texting and looking at their phones. Now you too will have someone to text, game, or even talk with, at your fingertips. Start today. Signing up for Faux Friends is easy.Click here to log onto Fauxfriends4u.com and begin your membership today.

With Faux Friends, you phone will never be silent again. You’ll get texts, FB updates and invitations to play games any time your phone is idle. Too busy to answer? Then you phone will just vibrate incessantly, letting everyone around know that you too are important, so important that your phone is always ringing. No more looking like a social misfit when you’re out in public. You can spend just as much time interacting with your phone screen as everyone else around you. With Faux Friends at your fingertips, you’ll never be forced into awkward face-to-face conversation with you companions again. Why waste your time talking to those around you when you can engage in mindless activity with your phone? Sign up for Faux Friends today!

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26 thoughts on “Faux Friends: Don’t be left out

  1. This is spot on HuffyG, how often do we see young couples walking down the street arms around each other as if in love but both turning their faces away to speak on mobiles to someone else. Grrh it makes me cross!

    • Thanks Lisa. I’d like to direct my readers to check out Lisa’s blog, cyclinggrandma.wordpress.com Lisa is another cool cyclist and triathlete, (which makes her fitter than me,) with lots of cool things on her blog.

  2. I hope Faux Friends will also make sure to call while you’re in a public restroom. That’s the mark of a truly important person–one who has to answer their cell phone while they’re going to the bathroom. πŸ™‚

  3. Ha, good one. The day I go to lunch with a group of people and they’re all on their phones is the last day I go to lunch with them. In fact, I might even walk out before dessert, and that’s saying something. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m with you Margaret. I think it’s more the young generation that does this anyway. I wish I could have found a Doonsbury comic I saw to add to this post. Zipper and the Red Rascal kid are sitting together having lunch and looking at their phones the whole time. The waitress comes and they ask when is she going to take their order. She tells them they already ordered and ate. Then, when they leave they say to each other “this was fun we should do it again.”

    • I’m not sure, but I find it ridiculous. It seems more common among young people but really – whether you’re young or old, what is so important on your phone that you have to be looking at it ALL THE TIME.

  4. I have a cell phone and no one ever calls me… because I don’t give my number out to anyone, and I never turn it on unless I want to make a call. I am way behind the times!

    • I think it might be generational Margie. I guard my cell phone number too, as do others I know of my age group, while the teens to 30 year olds have their whole life wrapped around their phones, and wouldn’t think of not using it. I consider it a convenience for emergencies – if I realy want a prolonged conversation with someone, I call them from home. Of course, that’s the other issues – young people seldom talk on their phones.

  5. I tried to click on your Fauxfriends link, but it wasn’t hot? Was that intentional? Now I feel like a bigger loser than ever. Even Fauxfriends doesn’t want me. Funny, funny post, and I saw that Doonsbury comic strip.

    • I’m sorry Susan – I tried to make the Fauxfriends4u link hot, but couldn’t figure out a way to do it, short of starting another WP site. On the up side, I guess I might be able to make some money with marketing Faux Friends, if I could get it up and running!

  6. One of the negatives to having cell phones. It is bad enough when we feel we have to set our cell on the table while having coffee, lunch, dinner with a friend and then look at it everytime it rings or buzzes!!! What happened to quality time with another person? Maybe we need to start standing up for ourselves, and if the person(s) we are with for quality time together keeps checking or answering their cell phone…we should get up and leave. We could say, in a very kind way “I would have loved having some quality time with you, but I see you don’t have the time.”

    • I’m not sure when good manners went out the door. Just because we carry our phones around with us, people think they should they take priority over the person we are with. I’ve never understood it.

      • I so agree with you Donna. When I go inside public places I try to remember to turn my phone sound down or all the way to vibrate and put in my purse. It irritates me no end to constantly hearing cell phones rining everywhere I go.

  7. Unfortunately, you probably could make some money with that site πŸ™‚
    Your advertising pitch was very convincing. I’m not sure when cell phones went from being a wonderful convenience to an obsession. I’ve often wondered if Alexander Graham Bell would even understand what his invention has become.

  8. I once had a kid interviewing for an internship in my group take a text message DURING OUR INTERVIEW.

    Needless to say, he didn’t get the job. Actually, he didn’t even get to finish his interview.

  9. OH that’s funny!

    Less funny – I used to work with a girl who always arrived at work chattering away on her handsfree phone – the worst was when you didn’t realize she was on the phone and thought she was talking to you, so you answered her and then realized she didn’t even know you were there. (How she avoided walking into walls I’ll never know!)

  10. Great satire. The situation you describe leaves me speechless. Rudeness is rudeness, whether it’s done electronically or the old-fashioned ways.

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