Hey, it’s a new year!

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Hey, it’s a new year again. Seems like I was just getting used to the old one, and bam, it’s done. Now – 2012. For some, the last year of existence if you follow the Mayan’s belief. For others, the first day of the rest of your life.

For many, it’s a time to make lists: the best and worst of 2011. Best dressed. Best TV shows. Worst celebrity bad behavior. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps the list making is an attempt to distract ourselves from the other custom of the new year, making resolutions for self-improvement. One would think we were a nation of lazy, ne’er-do-wells, so shiftless that every year we must make another valiant, yet hollow attempt at self-improvement, that is destined to last but a few days.

Of course in the states, New Year’s Day is most known for the day we watch bowl games (American college football that is.) It seems there are at least 40 bowl games on New Year’s Day alone. and that is not even counting the bowl games on the days before and after January 1. In fact, the real reason for making new year’s a traditional holiday/day off from work, is that so many Americans would be walking around in a football bowl-induced coma, that not much work would get done anyway.

What do you do on New Year’s Day? Watch football? Recover from partying the night before? Go to the gym? Or treat if just like the other 364 days of the year?

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21 thoughts on “Hey, it’s a new year!

  1. Happy New Year, HG. Being Canadian, American college football wasn’t high on my list of things to do on New Year’s Day, but most of the guys I knew watched it 🙂 I guess guys are guys, no matter which country, eh?

    Usually in my family, we recovered from any partying, although I don’t go to parties very much anymore. There was usually also a nice New Year’s Day meal, and then visiting with friends/family and watching Year in Review on TV. Not very exciting. But fun.

    Happy New Year to all your readers as well. You’ve all been a fun bunch to comment with on HG’s great posts.

    • Thank you Sandra. I do agree that I have a fun and interesting bunch of readers, and enjoy seeing the comments.

      You are definitely right about guys being guys – I think no matter what country they’re in and what sport is the national sport, you’ll find guys queuing up to watch “the game.”

      Happy New Year Sandra – I look forward to your witty comments for 2012.

  2. I always take my new calendar and update it on New Year’s Day: put in any dates already committed, add family birthdays, etc. I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember, and it’s kind of fun. As I go through the pages, I think about each family member I’m as I’m noting their birthdays. And looking at each month makes me wonder what the new year will bring.

    • What a fun idea. I used to do something similiar until I went with an electronic calendar, but I do kind of miss it. I always had a hard time throwing the old calendar away – I didn’t want to get rid of a good year.

  3. The ex and sons who loved football are no longer in the house. I look forward to a hike in the forest, on snowshoes, and a book by the fire. Happy New Year!

  4. Enjoying the memories of a great New Years Eve at your place Donna! Thanks again – love seeing you guys, even though its not as often as it should be!

  5. It’s so weird that since New Year’s Day is on a Sunday this year, there are no college bowl games to allow for the NFL to take over. It’s not the same! So off to the mall I go 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • It is wierd. In fact, when I wrote this I didn’t know that the college games would not be on today. Sounds like a pretty good day for the mall, especially if you’re having the cold and windy weather that we are having here. Happy New Year Caryn.

  6. We are definetly watching football and cooking up a storm…on the menu for NYD is lucky black-eyed pea cakes, grilled cabbage and chicken/sausage Gumbo!!! Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year. May it be a year of blessings and bountiful inspiration for you. Amazing how 2011 flew by. New Year for me is a time to start fresh, to make new dreams, to follow a different road that hopefully will lead to home, happiness, peace and love unending….

  8. On New Year’s Eve night, and overnight, I was a volunteer host at the Church school where we hosted 2 homeless families. We attended the 11:30pm Mass, after which the men’s group served a breakfast buffet to all the church goers who wanted to stick around.
    Then it was time for the guest families and hosts to get to bed. I never got a moment of sleep. So after the families left around 8:30am on New Year’s morning, we cleaned up. I got home around 10am and set the timer for a 90 minute sleep. Rest of the day was quiet and relaxing.

      • I am delighted I was able to do it, to meet the guest families and the other hosts. I was a positive experience and glad I did it. I don’t know why I couldn’t get to sleep, but no big deal.
        Happy New Year to you Donna.

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