Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

When you’re three years old, waiting for anything is hard, but waiting for Santa is probably the hardest.

Camped out waiting for Santa
Guest photographer Chris Barry snapped this photo and titled it “Camped out waiting for Santa,” after three-year-old Maddie snuggled in to join baby brother Zach under the Christmas tree. What fun to be three years old again, waiting for Christmas and all the magic it brings.
© Huffygirl/Chris Barry  2011

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

  1. That’s a great picture. I love seeing babies’ reaction to the Christmas tree. It’s like, “Wait a sec. That wasn’t there yesterday, right? That’s new right? What is that thing?”

  2. I thought that baby brother Zach was Maddie’s doll when I first saw the photo. A great example of waiting… especially at this time of year!

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