Do not adjust your screen

Don’t worry – there is nothing wrong with your computer screen. It’s snowing on Huffygirl’s Blog, now through January 4th. I hope you enjoy seeing some snow that you don’t have to shovel. I’ll also be putting up some festive background colors too,  to go with the snow and the season. 

You don’t even have to go outside to play with  this snow – just move your mouse a bit and  see what happens. 

Enjoy the snow while it lasts – it’ll be gone before you  know it, just like the real snow (we hope!)

© Huffygirl 2011

13 thoughts on “Do not adjust your screen

    • Well Mark, the secret is that only bloggers who live in states that actually GET snow are allowed to have it on their blogs 😉 Just kidding – it’s simple. From your dashboard, go to settings, then general, scroll to the bottom where you’ll see the word “snow.” Check the box if you want snow, then save changes. Here is the offical link from Matt Mullenweg just in case you get stuck: Hopefully the snow on your blog will be the only snow you’ll be seeing at your house this year.

  1. I’m glad you wrote this. People commented on my last post that they liked the snow effect I did on my blog. Hell, I can barely post anything, let alone do fancy footwork like that. I assumed WordPress just snowed on everyone, whether we wanted it to or not.

  2. What fun! I’ve been meaning to get my snow going but haven’t got a round tuit. Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas.

    I do love your dry sense of humor, HG. Your answer to TheIdiotSpeaketh was priceless. You should have added “and in all of Canada, even the southern part” lol.

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