Snow day

We just had our first real snow here. Not too bad in my area, but the worst of the storm hit where I work, so today I got a snow day! Enjoy my snowy photo offering.

Hungry visitor

Bejeweled tree line

Snow dial

Chilly seat

Non-angry bird

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19 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. Very nice photos. The last one is an amazing close up, as you can see individual snow crystals. Looks like it was a beautiful snow day.

  2. Love the snow pictures! It rarely snows here in south Alabama but we did get a frost this morning and my three year old woke up and said “Mama, it snowed!” That’s probably the closest thing he’ll see to snow until we go see his grandparents in Colorado. I’ll show him your photos.

    • Thanks, I hope he likes them. I think snow seems like a lot more fun to people who never get it. If we get some deep snow this winter like we usually do, I’ll be posting more pictures later.

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