The finger

I’m trying to use my middle finger more. No, not for THAT. It’s just that my index finger, aka pointer, the one we all use for everything all day, from mousing and clicking to opening things, dialing the phone, pushing buttons, keyboarding, everything, is showing some arthritis at the distal joint, 

Finger binary

commonly called the DIP. Sigh. That makes me feel old, but this is a common site for arthritis to occur, and most people will get some arthritis in that joint at some point in their lives if they live long enough. So, I’m trying to conserve it. Save Mrs. Pointer for the really important jobs that only pointer fingers can do, and make it last longer. But this is easier said than done. For now, I’m trying to use my middle finger for all these things instead. It  works okay part of the time but it’s slower and takes more concentration. I still haven’t figured out how to hold a pen without using Mrs. Pointer, at least holding it in a way in which I can write legibly and comfortably. If anyone has figured this one out, please let me know.  Anyway, chances are I’ll only keep up these changes until trusty pointer feels better, then I’ll quit. Old habits are hard to break.

Although switching fingers is difficult, it’s not nearly as hard  as trying to use one’s non-dominant hand for writing or other fine motor tasks. Very difficult, but most people can do it if they have to. Some studies suggest  that non-dominant hand use spurs brain development. Here’s the scoop, although I hope you won’t be plagued with pop-ups when you click on this, like I was the first time I tried it.

So develop your brain, and save your digits. Give it a try. Let me know how you do.

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16 thoughts on “The finger

  1. Ugh. Sorry to hear about the finger. There’s probably a keyboard and mouse out there that would be easier to use, but, still, that’s rough. On the other hand, getting older is better than the alternative, so there’s that.

    • Yes, at least we’ve got that going for us. With all the aging baby boomers around, maybe someone will come up with an arthritis friendly mouse, or maybe we should invent it.

  2. I never heard of that before, though it’s not hard to imagine in a mouse-clicking world like ours.

    I took up piano a few years ago, so I feel like my old sausage fingers have some extra dexterity — maybe I’ll give this a shot.

  3. I switched from my right hand to my left for using my mouse. It really didn’t take that long to get proficient, and if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have been able to keep using a mouse (caused numbness in my fingers.)

    • Good idea Margie. I may have to do that too at some point, if I can manage to be coordinated enough to do it. I’m one of those people who can’t walk and chew gum, so it will take some practice. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your comment.

  4. Feel better, Huffy.

    I have this odd ability to write backwards, quite quickly, in my non-dominant hand, from right to left. Perfect if you want to read what you wrote in a mirror. But it’s much more difficult for me to write left to right with my non-dominant hand. Go figure.

  5. Sorry to hear about your finger. My hands are my biggest health worry. I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, broken bone repaired on one hand (bike accident) and now need trigger finger release- 3 fingers on right, one on left. An annoyance but not painful so I’m reluctant to do it, but it just gets worse with time. Knitting, cooking, sports, computer, genetics. Who knows what’s to blame. Good luck.

    • Sounds awful Lisa. I’ve got the trigger thing going too – right thumb, but I’ll wait until it gets worse. Meanwhile, keep your fingers off the trigger -could be dangerous 😉

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