Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility answer

What is this? I didn’t get too many guesses, possibly because it was too easy, or too hard. Possibly because not that many people cared. Possibly because the bad economy precludes our enjoying fluffy photo guessing games. So many possibilities…

Blogging buddy Martin from Thoughts from Finchley, came up with the correct answer.

Yes, it’s yeast, full of possibilities.  A little yeast turns flour and other ingredients into bread, rolls, pizza dough – the list of possibilities is endless. Those ingredients, without the yeast, have fewer possibilities of turning into something delicious and nutritious.

Later today, I’ll try out a little yeast on my new bread machine, pictured in the background. The possibilities again are endless. I could end up with a delicious loaf of bread, or a shapeless lump of dough, and a chance to write about the hilarity that ensues from same, or something in between.

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility answer

  1. Thanks – The powder was the give-away (our yeast usually comes in small tins).

    There’s a short story behind this – when my son was born his Mother was too ill to give him his first baths at the hospital so Dad had to step in. The nurses got me to run the water but were horrified when I stuck my finger in to test the temperature. No- they said – You have to test it with your elbow! Why? I said – Check it and see if I’ve got it wrong. They did and were amazed that it was just about spot-on. My secret? I make pizza bases and the temperature for the yeast to grow properly is the same as for babies baths! I always check my yeast water temperature with my finger 🙂

    • So is your yeast powder like ours, or is it little cakes? I used to see the cakes in stores here, but they weren’t popular, and were usually moldly when I went to use them. (Hm, mold, a fungus, growing on yeast, another fungus. May be a future topic for discussion.)

      Interesting that you’ve developed the perfect finger test for water temp for yeast. I used to have it down, but then had several batches that did not turn out, so I started resorting to a thermometer. I use 110 to 115 degrees Farenheit – not sure what that would be for you.

      Also interesting that you are the expert yeast baker at your house. My husband does a lot of other baking, but never tries anything with yeast on his own. Thanks for sharing your story and your guess.

      • Pleased to share and chat – I have no idea what the temperature is in figures. Luke warm to the finger is about right! Effectively, just slightly above our outer body temperature. Apparently that’s 30 to 37 degrees Celcius, so slightly warm works for me and for babies 😉 The Fahrenheit figures you quote are spot-on!

        Fungi grow on other fungi a lot – should be a good subject 🙂

  2. Wonderful idea for this challenge! I have been swamped in coursework, and am trying to catch up with my blog friends a little bit today. Enjoyed your two posts for this challenge. Very clever.

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