World Food Day

Today is World Food Day, a day set aside to bring awareness of hunger around the world. It’s a great time to think about what you can do locally, or globally to help. Give to your local food bank. Donate food from your garden to a shelter. Send a donation to a food charity. Support local farmers at your farmer’s market.

Time to cut back on junk food?

Think about your own food consumption too. I took a survey of my snack shelf and realized that I’m spending money on food that I really don’t need. Snack foods generally do not offer any nutrition and are high in salt and fat, which tends to make them addictive. It may be time for me to do a snack shelf make-over. Many restaurants offer huge portions and free drink refills. Think about skipping the soda and bringing half of your entrée home for later. Whatever you do to cut back on your own food consumption, send the money you save to support a food charity.

If we all do a little, it will help a lot. What other ways can we support the effort to stop world hunger?

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10 thoughts on “World Food Day

    • Exactly right Cycling Grandma. Although there are people in the US going hungry, the majority of the population has enough food, and often too much food. I’m guilty too, as you can see by my snack food photo.

  1. 1. Join (or start a local chapter) of
    2. Give micro loans to people in developing countries
    3. Support free breakfast and lunch programs in public schools
    and, this might not have to do with hunger, but it certainly has to do with food:
    Demand that crap food stop being advertised on TV, that schools not have junk food vending machines, that food served in schools be healthy. Don’t buy pork or poultry from farms that abuse animals and pollute water sources.

  2. I enjoyed tending a garden this summer–the first in many many years. I ended up with so much bounty that I was able to share with elderly neighbors and the local food bank. It was a pleasure all around.

  3. Our church has one of the largest food closets in the area. In fact, we have won awards for how many people we serve through this ministry. I also am ashamed at how much food we throw out, myself included. I’m trying not to go to the store as often and putting together creative meals from things I already have on hand. Good ideas, Renee.

    • I too find it shameful the amount of food we throw out in the US, and in my own home. Things like potatoes, celery, and spinach that only come in a large size bag – my family of 3 can’t always use them up before they spoil. sometimes I want to grab another shopper and ask them to meet me outside the store to take half of my potatoes.

      Congratulations to your church for serving so many.

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