More on the ignoble skunk

Striped Skunks (Mephitis mephitis)

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Who knew that the offensive, lazy skunk would generate such creative comments? My recent post on  Do we really need skunks? drew a lot of agreement that we don’t need skunks. It also brought out the creativity of readers.

Fellow blogger Badmagazine  shared this original ode to the skunk, that was just too good to stay hidden in comments:


A skunk’s a slinky fellow
You wouldn’t want to meet
As when he’s saying hello
His odor can’t be beat

A whiff upon the breeze
And stomachs start to wrench
No number of perfumeries
Can cover up his stench

Predictably unpopular
He’s shunned by one and all
His scent’s so very singular
He’s banned from every ball

Universally spurned
The poor skunk withdraws
Social bridges burned
By matches in its paws

We all have our weapons
To defend and ward us well
From harm when we’re threatened
The skunk just has its smell

Though claws and fangs may scare us
They cannot quite compare
With the skunk’s only genius:
Its chemical warfare!

(reprinted with permission) 

Even children got in the spirit. Niece Judy shared a song, spontaneously sung  by her son, Benjamin, age 5, when he was introduced to the workings of a skunk on vacation:

Skunks are great
Skunks are good
Skunks behave like they all should!

Someday when Benjamin has had more experience with skunks, he might have a different opinion. But if stinking to high heaven is behaving like one should, then skunks certainly have it down, so I’ll agree with little Ben on that part.

Thanks readers for sharing your creative rhymes and making it unofficial “poetry week” at Huffygirl’s Blog! 


2 thoughts on “More on the ignoble skunk

  1. I’m still catching up from our big move and hope to be back here more often now that things are beginning to settle down. The ode to the skunk is priceless. Thanks for rescuing it from the comments section and sharing it with us. Compliments to the poet.

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