Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Three generations, on the right path.

(Photo notes: Daughter, father and grandfather, hiking at Dinosaur Ridge, near Denver, Colorado. I liked the way my family arranged themselves so I could shoot this picture. Three-year-old granddaughter in front, because she’s curious, wants to have fun, and is full of energy. Dad right behind to keep her safe. Grandpa last, because he’s carrying all the gear:  the support guy. An apt allegory of the way our life has evolved as a family. The path was rocky, and had some rough spots, but we made it to the top without a scratch. Life lived.)

 © Huffygirl


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

    • Thanks Sandra. Goodness – you’re up late too? Or is it early there? I laid awake for an hour with a headache, decided to get up and do something instead. This was a fun photo for me too – I couldn’t believe how nicely my family arranged themselves.

      • It may be the time difference, HG. It was only a little after 12 am my time. However, it’s true that I am a night owl.

        Don’t you love it when the pic you want to take falls into place effortlessly? You couldn’t have arranged them any better if you tried.

      • Exactly. If I had tried to arrange them, it wouldn’t have turned out at all.

        I think I’m at least an hour ahead of you. Normally I’m not blogging that late but I couldn’t sleep. I ended up doing an ode to Labor day (US holiday tomorrow) and two drafts that I hope are not unintelligible. Sleep deprivation-fueled writing – if this works I may become a late night novelist!

    • It was a great topic Doris. I think there has only been one since I started that I declined to do. We had a great time hiking that day – little Maddie was having fun as long as there were rocks on the trail. Wherever the trail was plain ground, she got bored. She was quite the trooper. We took her for another hike the next day with beautiful outcroppings that I’ll probably end up using at some point. BTW, I’m adding you to my blogroll so I don’t lose track of your amazing photos.

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