It’s historical! More backroads views of Mackinac Island

Historic Fort Mackinac and Marquette Park

There are plenty of historical sites to see on Mackinac Island, some dating back to pre-American Revolution. I’ll let the Visitor’s Guide the you can purchase on the ferry ride or visitor’s center (for only $1.00) fill in the details.

Fort Mackinac sits on the main street and is easily visible to everyone coming in on the ferry. It has historic buildings, museums, cannon firings and interactive activities.

The back of Fort Mackinac, a great place to exit.

To get to some of the out of the way historic sites, you’ll need to get to the higher interior parts of the island. An easy way to do that is to take the Fort Mackinac tour, exit at the back of the fort, and you’ll already be at the top of hill behind the fort. From there it’s a fairly short bike ride, then a short uphill climb via road or stairs to the site of Fort Holmes, the highest part of the island. There nothing left of the original fort, and very little left of the replica fort, but it’s a fun place to see with great view in all directions, and of course, a historical marker.

Historic Fort Mackinac Cemetery

On your way to Fort Holmes, stop at any of the three historic cemeteries, some with graves dating back to the 1820’s. At Fort Holmes, you’ll be quite close to Sugar Loaf rock, so it’s a good idea to stop there too unless you want to climb the steep hill into the interior again at another time.

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6 thoughts on “It’s historical! More backroads views of Mackinac Island

  1. I just finished reading all your posts of Mackinac Island. Such gorgeous pictures. I’ve heard it is a lot like Cape Cod, a place we’re very familiar with. We’d like to go there one summer with my daughter and her family. They live in Michigan and usually come here for a week in the summer, but maybe we can go there instead. Your pictures were stunning and made me want to visit all the more. Glad you had such a nice time.

    • Whew – just when I thought everyone was sick of hearing about Mackinac Island – Thanks Susan. If you’re coming to Michigan sometime, you should try to see Mackinac Island. Best time to visit is summer, and things tend to shut down there in the fall. It is quite crowded though – the downside of being such a nice place. I hope you get to see it sometime.

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