Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet: all the colors of…well, see for yourself:

Ah – now that’s colorful!

All photos from Huffygirl’s garden. © Huffygirl 2011

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

    • It is a red perennial lily, I believe called Tiger Lily Red Twinkle. I’m sorry I don’t have the Latin name. It grows about 3-4 feet tall here, and produces prolific flowers in July. Thanks for stopping by John.

    • Thanks Patti. They are all from my garden except the sunflower, which I’m unable to grow here because the squirrels tear them out and chew up the stems! I was lucky to get the rainbow after a storm last week and a break from our heat wave.

  1. Gorgeous, colorful flowers! You must have a green thumb. And, the rainbow is the icing on the cake. Great photos!

    • Thanks Theresa. I do enjoy gardening, but some of those flowers just grow themselves – I can’t take a lot of credit for their success. The rainbow came at the end of a frustrating day so it was welcome respite.

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