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I’ve been fascinated with the work of Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith who have been featured on NPR for their book Not Quite What I was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs a collection of stories from persons whom the authors asked to distill their life story into six words. Often poignant, funny, and telling, it’s amazing what one can say about oneself in six thoughtful words. So much from so little. After hearing the interview, it made me wonder: what is my six-word memoir? So far I haven’t been able to distill my whole life down to six words, but have managed to come up with six-word memoirs for certain parts of my life:

  • Growing up: Nerdy girl. Nerdy boy. Soul mates.
  • Blogging: Felt uncreative. Started blogging. Better now.
  • Career: School. More school. Great job, finally. 
  • General life: One husband. Two kids. Good life.

What is your six-word memoir? Or like me, do you have more than one? I’d love to see you share your six-word memoirs in comments.

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14 thoughts on “Six-word memoirs

  1. Donna, I wonder if they are the ones who had that on FB, asking for 6 word memoir. If so that would be interesting if they asked any of the people permission to use their 6 words…or do they not name the people they got them from?

    • I haven’t seen them on FB but I’ve heard them interviewed on NPR more than once. It seems to me that if they’re publishing people’s 6 word memoirs they should be getting permission first, but I’m not sure.

      • And it may not be the same people. I guess I am not passionate enough about this situation to spend time trying to figure it out 🙂
        I have found some of my writings used on other people’s blogs, but they never asked permission. However, the ones i have seen they do include the author’s name.

      • I think it’s hard to do something about it if another blog is improperly using your content, if it’s not a WordPress blog.

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