Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

 Well used, well worn.

© Huffygirl 2011


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

    • Yes, me too. And the trips to ER – two broken fingers and a dislocated knee under that hoop. Still it was worth it. The kids thought having their own basketball hoop was the best!

  1. Good interpretation. Great angle! A viewer could almost throw a basketball from where you’re standing and make the shot.

    • Thanks CE. Ours sure got a work out at the time the kids were young. Unfortunately, nobody has used it lately. Maybe we’ll get it spiffed up with a new net by the time the grandkids are old enough to play.

  2. This is a great shot. Having shot a lot of hoops in my youth (I was actually out shooting hoops on the morning of the day my youngest child was born!), this photo triggered a lot of fond memories. Phtotgraphically speaking, the composition, lighting, reflection of the rim, etc. is excellent.

    • Fond memories for me and my kids too, although I was never much of a basketball player – too short to start the training 😉 Thanks for your gracious comments – so nice to hear from someone as photographically accomplished as yourself.

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