Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning


Early morning lake, uninterrupted.

Photo notes:

1. Rifle Lake and dock, undisturbed in early morning.

2. Rifle Lake, northern Michigan,  early morning.

3. Rifle Lake, man on dock.

© Huffygirl 2011

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Early morning

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

  1. How absolutely peaceful. Looking at these pics, I got so relaxed that I almost fell into the water in a contented daze.

    Where is Rifle Lake? Do you live near it? It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pics.

    • Rifle Lake is near Rose City, Michigan, north of Saginaw. It’s quite a drive from where I live but I have relatives with a cottage there. That’s how I happened to be there to take the picture. It’s a little lake, so the only time it’s still like this is early in the morning, before everyone gets out on the water.

  2. Photos one and two could almost be abstract paintings. They’re cool! Photo three reminds me of the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. All three photos are beautiful!

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